What is Watsu?

Watsu, or warm pool massage, is a form of bodywork performed in water, which combines passive aquatic therapy with deep relaxation. The practitioner is gentle in placing the receiver into chest-deep water in a massage session. The practitioner will offer relief from pains and discomforts along with a feeling of wellbeing to the client.

Take a dip in the warm waters of a swimming pool and relax with a massage

The warm massage offered by a warm pool has several benefits like relaxation and increased circulation. Anyone suffering from joint or muscular pains, arthritis injuries, and other conditions like muscles that are stiff, joints or stiffness will gain from this kind of massage. It is also possible to have this massage while lying on the ground, water offers a tranquil atmosphere that boosts the massaging's therapeutic properties.

You can also enjoy therapeutic massages in a warm pool. It is effective for reducing muscle injuries as well as increasing circulation and activating the release of endorphins. It helps relieve the joint pressure and inflammation. Additionally, it aids in muscle healing. Massage therapists can target particular areas within the pool through strategically placed jets. For deep tissue massage the hose for massage is powerful and can be attached to the jets.


Watsu incorporates dynamic dance movements and modern massage techniques, yet it is also based on the deep, peaceful breathing. Water, like other natural elements, is essential to Watsu. Its main purpose is to relax the body by relieving tension in the spinal column. The practitioner can move the vertebrae without difficulty due to its buoyancy.

Watsu is a kind of aquatic bodywork, combines the stretching and rocking to relieve tension and encourage relaxation. Warm water is used to support the recipient while they practice these exercises one-on-one. The Watsu practitioner gently wraps the client in chest-deep ocean as they gently stretch and move them. As they do this they open and close the other side of the leg to the chest, producing a rotation in the hip and spine.

While WATSU can relieve some pain however, it's also claimed to help your mental well-being. It helps to induce deep sleep and helps reduce stress, according to studies. It's a relaxing experience that many clients appreciate and come back to regularly Watsu studios for further sessions. Harold Dull was the inventor of Watsu as well as other techniques that were incorporated into rehabilitation and water therapy.


Watsu A treatment that is water-based that helps treat pain as well as physical ailments is gentle. It relies on buoyancy for helping clients to relax and move to various postures. The gentle movements and stretches let muscles relax and loosen and joints. These exercises can be utilized to treat a multitude of health issues. The practice has been recommended by integrative medicine expert Dr. Andrew Weil.

Watsu triggers the parasympathetic nervous system that assists the body control stress and tension. By activating this part of your nervous system it also improves your body's capacity for healing from illness and physical trauma. You also get better sleep and less anxiety.


Watsu is a modern active massage technique that incorporates dynamic dance moves as well as deep breathing. It focuses on releasing the tension in the spine. It is most effective within water. The practitioner is able to move vertebrae in a more comfortable manner while in warm, deep. In addition to learning basic postures, Watsu students are taught proper body mechanics, proper breathing patterns and movements along with knowledge of the western and Eastern anatomy.

Watsu can be found in many integrative and spa locations all over the United States. The requirement is to finish fifty hours Aquatic Bodywork Education to be the Watsu practitioner. The WABA maintains a register of Practitioners.


It is a calming form of massage that blends soft motions of the body with acupressure-based massage. It is believed that the passive nature of this treatment reduces pain and anxiety. It is nevertheless important to seek advice from a medical professional before undergoing Watsu. 익산출장마사지 Watsu is not suitable for specific ailments, for instance pregnancy.

An average Watsu session will last about an hour and a half. With a bathing suit on, the therapist will work on various areas of the body with moderate pressure. The therapist uses the swimming buoyancy for movement of the body. They also wrap the patient around throughout the treatment.

If you have suffered from severe pain, Watsu can be a good alternative treatment. Benefits of Watsu could extend well beyond the pool, and can assist those who suffer from chronic fibromyalgia to manage the signs and symptoms. While Watsu therapy is an excellent alternative for individuals suffering from joint or muscle pain, it's always best to talk to your doctor prior to beginning the therapy.

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